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What is TN Visa?

A TN Visa Candidate is a citizen from Mexico with a Non Migrant (NAFTA) Professional Visa allowed to work in the United States with a pre arranged job with an employer.

The TN VISA was created by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in order to facilitate a temporary employment in the United States for approved Canadian and Mexican citizens.

TN Visa Requirements

  • Mexico Citizen, qualified under one of the accepted NAFTA professions.
  • Evidence that the position in the United States requires a NAFTA professional.
  • Prearranged part time or full time job with the US employer.
  • Evidence that the participant matches the credentials and educational requirements of the position.

Information Request for a TN Visa Application

  • Current Valid Passport
  • US Visa
  • Graduation Certificate
  • Professional Licenses
  • Updated Resume
  • Criminal Record Report

11 Step TN Visa Process

  1.  Candidate approved by company
  2. Lawyer office contacts candidate
  3. Documentation requested
  4. Documents package
  5. Visa Fee ($160)
  6. DS 160 online
  7. Schedule 2nd Appointment in USA Embassy
  8. ASC Interview Fingerprints and photo
  9. Consul or Embassy interview
  10. Visa approved
  11. Visa delivery

TN Visa Processing Time

TN Visa, represents for both the US companies and applicants a significant investment of both time and money (2 4 weeks).

The best way to protect that investment and make sure that US Companies are on the optimal track for their TN VISA is to hire an expert just like SPJ Connect.